Knights of St. Andrew

Battle at Bannockburn

The Scottish met the invasion of the English on the 24th day of June, 1314. Neither side had an definite advantage on the killing fields. Suddenly, sixty-three knights appeared and swung the gate of war to the favor of the Scottish forces. Ultimately, the Defenders prevailed. Who were these knights and where did they come from? They were known as the originalKnights of Saint Andrew.

In the present day the Knights of St. Andrew exist as a service organization on behalf of all members of their Consistory and are proud to be mentioned among these brave knights. The Knights of St Andrew is developed for 32 degree Masons or black hat members. This chapter was created to promote Scottish Rite Masonry among new members, not just the older more experienced Masons. Also, it is a great placed to develop leadership skills. They are under the immediate supervision of the Secretary of their Scottish Rite Consistory and provide services where they are needed. This includes, but not limited to, aiding the Tylers, acting as greeters, providing escort services for dignitaries or for special events, helping assist the disabled and elderly, and helping present the Colors. The list can continue on as new ideas and concepts are developed to meet needs and goals.

If you are a black hat member of the Scottish Rite and desire to join the Knights of St. Andrew talk with an officer of the Knights or click below for a petition.

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