May-August 2018

Coming Events

May 14 7:00 pm KCCH Meeting
May 25 6:00 pm KSA & Executive Committee
May 25 6:30 pm Dinner
May 25 7:30 pm Ladies Association
May 25 7:30 pm Regular Meeting
June 9   11:30 am -1:30 pm Barbeque
June 22 6:00 pm KSA & Executive Committee
June 22 6:30 pm Dinner
June 22 7:30 pm Ladies Association
June 22 7:30 pm Regular Meeting
July 9    7:00 pm KCCH Meeting
July 27  6:30 pm KSA & Executive Committee
July 27  7:30 pm *Regular Meeting
* No Dinner, No Ladies-Casual Dress Night
Aug 24 6:00 pm KSA & Executive Committee
Aug 24 6:30 pm Dinner
Aug 24 7:30 pm Ladies Association
Aug 24 7:30 pm Regular Meeting


The Panama City Scottish Rite Bodies will hold their twenty-third annual barbeque on June 9th. Those who have attended in the past know what a great meal this always is. The BBQ is a fund raiser for our Valley.


Enclosed with your newsletter are two tickets for the barbeque. Please try to use the tickets and remit $16 if you can.  If you are unable to attend, sell the tickets to a friend or pay their way to attend.  You could also return the tickets with the money and ask us to find a worthy pe rson to eat as your guest or just make a donation.  We appreciate those who have paid for tickets in past years even though you could not attend as this has accounted for a large part of our profits. If you cannot do any of the above, destroy your tickets. Make your check payable to: Panama City Scottish Rite and mail to P O Box 1, Panama City, FL 32402.


You may not be aware that we lost 34 members to death in 2016, another 34 in 2017 and as of this writing we have already lost 12 members this year. We are working hard to keep our suspensions for NPD down and we have been pretty successful at this but our initiations have just been making up for the suspensions. This loss in membership hurts the Valley both in dues income to run the Valley as well as keeping enough active members to fill all the positions needed to have a strong Scottish Rite. We will remind you again as we remind you in most newsletters...

Keep a lookout for candidates.

Plans are being made for our Fall Reunion to be held on September 14th & 15th.  It is never too early to start. We need every member to work on bringing in a candidate.  Petitions can be obtained from the Secretary or at our website link at

Do we have your Email Address?

We send out reminders of meetings to those· members we have email addresses for.  If you do not get these emails we do not have a correct email address for you.  If you would like to receive them, just send your email address to us at

Celebrating the Craft is a webcast that pays tribute to the Scottish Rite and its members, while also supporting the Fraternity's charitable endeavors. The 2018 CTC webcast will air live on Saturday, May 19th from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm (CDT). This is similar in structure to a telethon but is broadcast over the internet. Viewers can access the webcast the day of CTC by tuning into the website:


Did you know that the Scottish Rite has an award for outstanding JROTC cadets? This award is presented by our Valley to one cadet at each of nine area high schools each year. This is considered by the cadets as one of the most prestigious awards and is given for " Dependability, good character, self-discipline, good citizenship, patriotism and academic excellence".

Attend Your Blue Lodge


Update Your Contact Information

We remind you that it is important to update your phone numbers, address and email address with the Secretary. You can update your information by calling the Secretary at 850-763-7144 or emailing the Secretary at

You can also go on the Supreme Council web site and click on update member info.

The Mission of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Orient of Florida

Is to be the premier fraternity of men of integrity and good character by providing opportunities for personal growth, leadership skills, education and social interaction based on the values of Friendship, Charity, Patriotism, Tolerance, Integrity and a belief in a Supreme Being.

To that end we commit to making a positive impact on mankind, promoting our community and providing value to the Masonic Fraternity.

Scottish Rite Ladies Association

The Scottish Rite Ladies Association cordially invites any wife of a Scottish Rite member to join us on the 4th Friday of each month with your husband for our covered dish dinner at 6:30 pm and meeting at 7:30 pm. The Valley provides a meat and the ladies bring the side dishes and desserts. 2017 Officers are: President: Wanda Fischer, Vice-President: Helen York, Secretary/Treasurer: Kathy Swindell. Any questions call the Scottish Rite @ 850-763-7144.

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