January - April 2018

Coming Events

Jan 8 7:00 pm KCCH Meeting
Jan 20 8:00 pm Officers Training Meeting
Jan 26 6:00 pm KSA & Executive Committee
Jan 26 6:30 pm Dinner
Jan 26 7:30 pm Ladies Association
Jan 26 7:30 pm Regular Meeting
Feb 23 6:00 pm KSA & Executive Committee
Feb 23 6:30 pm Dinner
Feb 23 7:30 pm Ladies Association
Feb 23 7:30 pm Regular Meeting
Mar 9 & 10 Spring Reunion
Mar 12 7:00 pm KCCH Meeting
Mar 15 7:00 pm Ceremony of Remembrance
Mar 23 6:00 pm KSA & Executive Committee
Mar 23 6:30 pm Dinner
Mar 23 7:30 pm Ladies Association
Mar 23 7:30 pm Regular Meeting
April 27 6:00 pm KSA & Executive Committee
April 27 6:30 pm Dinner
April 27 7:30 pm Ladies Association
April 27 7:30 pm Regular Meeting


Master Kadosh Mark Dragon, 32° KCCH
Pryor Paul Johnson, 32° KCCH
Preceptor Keith Hartless, 32° KCCH
Chancellor Ed Metcalf, 32° KCCH
Minister of State Mike Miller, 32° KCCH
Commander Woody Jones, 32° KCCH
1st Lt. Commander Ben Gaillard, 32° KCCH
2nd Lt. Commander John Winfree, 32° KCCH
Chancellor David Gaillard, 32° KCCH
Orator Dennis Barbarisi, 32° KCCH
Wise Master Ed Metalf, 32° KCCH
Senior Warden Clyde York, 32° KCCH
Junior Warden Allen Swindell, 32° KCCH
Orator Archie Maynard, 32° KCCH
Venerable Master Danny Farmer, 32°
Senior Warden Mike Miller, 32° KCCH
Junior Warden Mark Dragon, 32° KCCH
Orator Joseph Smith, 32°
Officers at Large
SGIG Personal Rep. Dean Resch, 33°
Treasurer Dan Hinz, 32°
General Secretary Sam Fischer, 33°
Almoner Bob Davis, 33°
Exec. Comm. at Large Fred Pryor, 33°
Exec. Comm. at Large Henry Rabby, 33°


Notices for 2018 Scottish Rite dues will be sent out soon.  These are printed and sent for us by the Supreme Council in Washington, D.C.  As you should recall from our last newsletter we were voting to raise our dues by $10 due to Supreme Council raising our per capita.  This increase was passed at our May meeting and dues for 2018 will be $95.00.

We are asking Perpetual Members, 50-year members and Emeritus Members who do not pay dues to consider making at least a $25 donation to the Valley when you receive your notice. This will help cover the per capita that we have to pay to the Supreme Council for each Valley member whether they pay dues or not. There is a block on the dues notice for this or other donations shown as Donations to Valley.

Every member should make sure that your dues are current and when you pay your dues please consider making an additional donation to the Almoner's Fund and the Scottish Rite Foundation.

If paying dues creates a problem for you please contact the secretary for possible options.

Personal Representative

Brothers, this is my first Communication as Personal Representative to our Valley.

I would like to congratulate those Brothers honored on November 11, 2017.  They are William Joe Paul, coroneted 33°, Dennis Barbarisi, Marck Dragon and Allen Swindell who were invested with the KCCH.  It was a great weekend and Ill. Fischer and I were very proud of our Valley.

There are several ideas which we will discuss in the coming meetings for the Valley.  Please feel free to put forth any ideas you may have for our Valley at any time.

Dean Resch
Personal Representative

Officers Training Workshop

We will have an Officers Training and 2018 planning workshop on January 20st starting with doughnuts and coffee at 8:00 am.  All elected officers should be heree and we encourage all appointed officers, degree directors and any interested member to attend.


The Spring Reunion will be held on March 9th & 10th.  The Fees will be $270.00 including dues, 14th degree ring or ring in pyramid, Scottish Rite Patent, class picture and Bridge to Light book.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

Friday, March 9th

6:00 pm Class reports for registration
7:00 pm 4° Secret Master
8:00 pm 5° Perfect Master
8:30 pm 6° Confidential Secretary
Saturday, March 10th
8:00 am 9° & 10° Elu of the 9 & 15
9:00 am 14° Perfect Elu
10:30 am 18° Knight Rose Croix
12:00 noon *Lunch*
12:45 pm 21° Noachite or Prussian Knight
1:30 pm 30° Knight Kadosh
3:00 pm 32° Master of the Royal Secret

Scottish Rite Petition

Our Spring Reunion is coming up in March and all members should be on the lookout for candidates.  Petitions are available in the office or you can print one from the District 6 website at

Update Your Contact Information

We remind you that it is important to update your phone numbers, address and email address with the Secretary. You can update your information by calling the Secretary at 850-763-7144 or emailing the Secretary at

You can also go on the Supreme Council web site and click on update member info.

The Mission of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the Orient of Florida

Is to be the premier fraternity of men of integrity and good character by providing opportunities for personal growth, leadership skills, education and social interaction based on the values of Friendship, Charity, Patriotism, Tolerance, Integrity and a belief in a Supreme Being.

To that end we commit to making a positive impact on mankind, promoting our community and providing value to the Masonic Fraternity.

Scottish Rite Ladies Association

The Scottish Rite Ladies Association cordially invites any wife of a Scottish Rite member to join us on the 4th Friday of each month with your husband for our covered dish dinner at 6:30 pm and meeting at 7:30 pm. The Valley provides a meat and the ladies bring the side dishes and desserts. 2017 Officers are: President: Wanda Fischer, Vice-President: Helen York, Secretary/Treasurer: Kathy Swindell. Any questions call the Scottish Rite @ 850-763-7144.

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