St.Andrews Lodge No. 212   11/15/18

St. Andrews Lodge No. 212
1104 Bayview Avenue
St Andrews, Florida



Brethren, our next Stated Communication will be election night for our 2019 Officers. Your participation is strongly encouraged. The meeting will be December 6th at 7:00 PM. Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM.

All Masons in District 5, the DDGM is calling a District Convention (Digest 10.01) to be held at Parker Lodge No. 142 on Saturday, Novermber 24th at 10am CST. R∴W∴ Greg Wynot and the Most Worshipful Grand Master will be in attendance, and are requesting ALL elected officers of ALL Lodges within District 5 to attend, as well as any and all members. We will be discussing the future of our Lodges within the District as it has been brought to the DDGM's attention the desire of some to merge with others given the devastation to the buildings, lack of Lodge funding or ability to rebuild. It will be necessary for us to be able to freely think and speak outside the box on how we can rebuild and remain a vital force in the community. This convention will be held in the Lodge room, and we will follow normal masonic protocols during this convention. Remember, the Most Worshipful Grand Master will be present, and therefore will be able to answer your questions and concerns directly. R∴W∴ Wynot will also have funds to distribute to any Brothers in need of relief. Please tell all of your officers and members, and please bring all of your thoughts and ideas to Parker Lodge.

Also, as a result of the damage caused by Hurricane Michael, our Grand Master, M∴W∴ John E, Karroum has issued Directive #5 which states:

In consequence of the devastation of Hurricane Michael, as Grand Master, I hereby ORDER AND DIRECT that Lodges affected by the hurricane do not hold Stated or Called Communications in a Lodge Building that is deemed an unsafe structure. The safety of our Brothers shall be the priority. If you are not able to hold Communications in your Lodge Building you are to notify the Deputy Grand Master in your respective Districts and the Grand Secretary. This Directive shall also apply to holding Elections of Lodge Officers. If you cannot hold the 2019 Elections of Lodge Officers at the first Stated Communication in December in accordance with the Digest of the Masonic Law of Florida you will be required to request a Dispensation to hold a special election once you are able.

Brethren, remember to sign up for Circumscribe, the new web based membership tool on the Grand Lodge of Florida website. This site allows you to pay your dues, edit your profile, and access your Masonic record online. Instructions for how to register for your Circumscribe account can be found here.


Stated Communications are 1st and 3rd Thursdays @ 7:00PM (Next One is December 6th). Brethren, the W∴M∴ requests your attendance, to support the Fraternity, Your Officers, Your Lodge, Your Brothers and Masonry in general.

The Lodge holds practices on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 7:00 PM (Next One is December 13th) to prepare for upcoming Degrees or to help you with other work. Please joins us, we will be glad to help you with any portion of the work and help to improve your proficiency.


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